The biggest differences between an air fryer and an oven are size, speed, and versatility. Of course the oven is also a key cooking device. Air fryers are small enough to fit in a cupboard or pantry.

Warm-up cycle

All ovens require preheating, most ovens take 20-25 minutes to fully preheat, while an air fryer takes much less time to preheat because the heated chamber is smaller and takes five minutes to fully preheat.

Cooking time

An air fryer cooks food faster than an oven, with less preheating time for starters, but due to its smaller cooking chamber, an air fryer is also more efficient at circulating air around the food, reducing time .

Temperature range

Ovens have a fairly standard temperature range, usually starting at 170 degrees Fahrenheit and going up to 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit, while air fryers have a lower temperature range than ovens, and the low-end temperature range of air fryers is controlled at About 95 degrees Celsius.

The difference in temperature and cooking time is why it can be helpful to follow an air fryer-specific recipe rather than trying to convert a recipe for a regular oven.

Size and capacity

Air fryers are smaller in size than ovens, which is why they cook ingredients faster. The smallest air fryer capacity in our factory is 2.5L, which is suitable for 1-2 people, and the largest capacity is 15L, which is suitable for 5-6 people, and the smaller cooking area of the air fryer makes the cooking speed higher again.

Presets and Controls

There is no doubt that an air fryer with its knobs and electronic display has more functions than an oven. Most air fryers come with programs for cooking common foods. Thankfully, with all the air fryers we tested, you can override the preset options and simply set the temperature and cooking time yourself.

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