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Customer Inquiry

You can send us a request for quotation by phone, email, WhatsApp, etc. We should respond to your inquiry within 1-12 hours and communicate with you further to understand your needs and customization requirements.

Sales Quotation

We should provide you with a detailed sales quote based on your requirements after understanding your needs. The quote includes information such as customization options, pricing, production lead time and delivery date so that you can make an informed decision.

Sample Delivery

If you need to see a sample of a product, we will provide you with a sample of the product you need as soon as possible. The samples will accurately reflect your customization requirements and meet your expectations in terms of quality, appearance and performance.

Transportation routes:FEDEX/DHL/UPS

Transaction Payments

Once you confirm the customization requirements and quotation and decide to place an order, we will provide a simple payment method for the transaction. Payment methods can include:T/T、LC、PAYPAL、Western Union convenient transaction.

Packaging Design

We will customize our own packaging solution for you, which will take into account the size, weight, shape, material and mode of transportation to ensure that the product is safe and undamaged during transportation.


We will follow a certain production process according to the customer’s customized requirements and delivery date. The quality will be strictly controlled during the production process to ensure that the products meet your requirements and standards.


Once the product has been manufactured, we will arrange for the appropriate mode of transportation and ship the product in a timely manner. The transportation process requires attention to the safety and integrity of the product and ensures that the product is delivered according to your requirements and standards.

After-Sales Service

We have a comprehensive after-sales service program so that you can solve problems and give feedback in a timely manner. The after-sales service includes telephone, e-mail and other ways to receive feedback, we will deal with your problem as soon as possible.


This form is used to answer your questions about this product and is not an invasion of your privacy.Your form information will be submitted to the business department and will be answered within 24 hours.


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