With the progress of technology, wall breakers are constantly upgraded, but which features upgrade really practical? Here’s what we’re going to find out.

1. Variable speed function

The variable speed control allows you to select different pulping speeds for different ingredients, such as low speed for juice making and high speed for milkshake making.

2. Pulse function

Intermittent rapid pulsing prevents over-pulping and preserves the original flavor of ingredients.

3. Automatic cleaning program

Simplify the cleaning process, add water and press the button to clean the inner wall of the breaker automatically.

4. Wireless connection function

Remote control through the App, you can select and start the pulping program of the wall breaker.

5. Multi-layer head structure

Separate layers of different ingredients for beating, which is fast and maintains the nutrition of the ingredients.

6. High borosilicate glass pulping container

The high-temperature-resistant container is more durable and more secure to use.

7. Low energy consumption and no evaporation design

Low energy consumption and no evaporation design.

8. Integrated intelligent control panel

Simplified operation steps, make the use of more convenient and intelligent.

9. Customized accessories

Different accessories are available to meet more diverse culinary needs.

Choosing a wallbreaker that focuses on practical functions will bring you a better experience!

1. Timer function

Preset timer, more convenient to use, no need to stare at it all the time.

2. Cleaning reminder

Clean reminder after a period of use, cleaning on time is more hygienic.

3. Low-speed pre-beating function

Low speed pre-beating can reduce the foam of some foaming ingredients.

4. BPA-free plastic

BPA-free plastic ensures food-grade safety.

5. Low-speed mixing function

Slow mixing prevents foaming and overflow.

6. High-temperature resistant glass containers

A high borosilicate glass container can be directly heated in a microwave oven.

7. Corrosion-resistant blade material

Stainless steel blade for longer-lasting use.

8. Low noise design

Operation noise is less than 60dB, quieter use.

9. Automatic power-off protection

Material pulping overheating will automatically cut off the power, more safety.

10. Cleaning-free blade design

The blade does not need to be disassembled for cleaning, which is more convenient.

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