Air fryer is more and more favored by consumers due to its fast, healthy and no oil fume characteristics. However, there are many brands and models of air fryers on the market, and it is not easy to buy good products with high cost performance. 

The following will provide you with a purchase guide from 5 aspects, so that you can buy an air fryer that is really worth the money!

1. Pay attention to the matching of the oil pan capacity

The capacity of the oil pan directly affects the cooking volume of the air fryer, and the family type 2-3L can meet the needs of 3-4 people. Excessive capacity is not only expensive, but also causes waste.

2. Fan power determines the hot air effect

The stronger the fan power of the air fryer, the stronger the hot air generated and the better the cooking effect. Generally, the effect of 800-1500W products is better, if it is too low, the frying will not be crisp.

3. The accuracy of the temperature control system is critical

A good temperature control system can accurately set the temperature and time in the air fryer to ensure the effect of food frying. It is even better to choose a smart preset recipe function.

4. Don’t ignore the security protection function

The air fryer will generate high temperature during operation, so automatic power off and pressure relief measures are very important. At the same time, pay attention to the electrical quality certification of the product.

5. Appearance product design is also worth considering

Products with compact shape and easy operation are more practical. High-end air fryers will also pay more attention to the appearance design, which is also an improvement in the quality of life.

To sum up, when choosing an air fryer, if you consider these 5 aspects comprehensively, you can buy high-quality products with high cost performance and real value for money!

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